About Us

Munarsh Group formed by a Team of Professionals from different industries to deliver diversified services to business and education sectors. Munarsh Information Technology Service (MITS) is a Company supported by Munarsh Group.

Message from the CEO

It is with hope and excitement that we at Munarsh look forward since our inception, we had planned for a stellar launch, and with the creation of an all star team from the various disciplines in Information Technology, and a corporate credo that keeps focus on owning the Munarsh Family and the delivery of exceptional services to clients, we are all set to achieve meteoric heights.Read More


To be a Unique, Specialized and Unmatched Global Source of Horizontal and Vertical Integrated Support Solutions for the Businesses.


Centered on the Needs of Businesses Either Digital,Intellect or Physical Our Squad of Dedicated Professionals Organize IT Support and Solutions for Them.


• We aim to deliver our maximum intellect while designing digital solutions for our Customers.
• We extend our utmost IT support in Customer business operations.
• We interact frequently and create Customer centric IT Solutions after a thorough understanding of business needs.
• We continuously develop our relationships with our Customers and maintain the cycle of development for digital solutions to meet their future needs.



Customer is all the time on our top priority. We take every action with a relentless commitment to meet and exceed Customer expectations regarding our services. We constantly evaluate and improve Customer interactions and our internal processes to keep the Customer 100 % satisfied all the time.


We firmly believe that satisfied and motivated employees gain the loyalty of Customers. We implement leadership approach that attract, retain and develop motivated employees. Our every employee clearly understands what to do to deliver satisfactory service to Customers and to those within the organization that rely on them for the work they do.


With the commitment to turn our organization into Customer champion we pick right people for the tasks and build relationship with the Customers on “WE” approach. We nurture ways in which we foster an honest, open environment and monitor team productivity as well as the level of Customer satisfaction.


We are sensitive to Customer needs. It is our passion to take extra mileage to identify and understand Customer’s situation, feelings, motives and imaginations and work on them with favorable approach.


We show swiftness and gracefully response our Customers. Our teams are flexible, adaptable and move quickly to deliver Customer demands.


One of the major elements of our business philosophy is to pay back to Society. We have selected the education sector and committed to promote education in our society. We develop relationships with different Universities and design projects for their students in order to provide them free and fair opportunity to grow in the society.


We develop and maintain honest, fair, trusted, dependable and reliable relationships with our Customers and strictly adhere to ethical code of conduct. Our Customers and Clients relies our Integrity and impose much more confidence on us when they deal business with us.



We have squad of qualified and dedicated professionals. Our management team always focus on professional approach while interact customers, analyze their needs and take due care when design and deliver integrated support and solutions.


Our core strategy is to retain expert people in our team. Customer needs either simple or more complex our experts understands and evaluate them and find matching solutions.


We value customer satisfaction. Our total business philosophy is centered on the digital, intellectual and physical needs of the businesses. We focus finding and delivering best solutions for our target market.


Employee satisfaction fuel the customer satisfaction. We design matching employment packages to attract best talent from the market and provide them such working environment through which they accomplish collective as well as individual goals. We incorporate knowledge and competence of fresh graduates from different Universities. Our force is always motivated and demonstrates energetic support to our valued Customers.


We continually improve knowledge and skills set of our team and put our utmost efforts to make our team unmatched in the market.