Software Solutions

Software Development at MUNARSH is a team based and socio-technical activity. We are working on two fold approach. One is to engage professional developers from software industry and team them up with fresh entrants. Secondly we remain ever ready to work in partnership with universities and information technology institutes. We prepare our students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level to make informed and meaningful contributions to the industry they plan to enter. Our senior software developers facilitate this by providing modules which outline the benefits and problems associated with globally distributed software development. Students benefit from the experiential knowledge and understand the broader aspects of software development. This results in talent retention at MUNARSH and facilitates continuity of software development. Our teams usually consist of senior developers, fresh entrants and inclined students. Skills set; competence and human resource required for significant software development projects are well addressed. We consider and cater vide range of software development demands from desktop to ONLINE applications from industrial, commercial, education, gold and other sectors.

Software development at Munarsh carried out as a planned and structured process. Problems of client are well understood and a solution effectively planned out ahead of time. Our team of developers has capability to develop online applications that can be accessed over a network such as Internet or an intranet. The team is completely skilled to develop desktop applications. Any type of module including sales, sales tax, financial modules, admission systems, inventory management, payroll, and customer relationship management etc can be ordered. Please take your time to plan a project and feel free to ask us for proposal.